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Alias: tamoxifen free base; Genox; Kessar; Nolvadex; Nolvadex-D; Tamoxen; (Z)-2-[4-(1,2-diphenyl-1-butenyl)phenoxy]-N,N-dimethylethanamine; 2-{4-[(1Z)-1,2-diphenylbut-1-en-1-yl]phenoxy}-N,N-dimethylethanamin
CAS NO: 10540-29-1
Molecular formula:


Structural formula:
Molecular Weight: 371.65
Properties: white crystal powder
Melting point: 95~98℃
Content: ≥99%
Uses: tamoxifen citrate intermediate
Packing: 10~1000g aluminium foil bag; 5~25kg fiber can or according to customer requirements
Standards: enterprise standard
Storage: 10~20T/year
Yield: in cool and ventilated warehouse under the temperature lower than 30℃; the storage period is 3 years。
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